TV Commercial

TV Commercial Production Company Malaysia
The Television Commercial(TVC), the platform which has been tried and tested throughout the years for your brand’s message to shine! We at Gary Chong Studios believe that be it 15 seconds or 30 seconds, in the cinema, television or a host of any desired media platforms, the Television Commercial (TVC) is the way for you to razzle and dazzle your audiences, customers and clients with information about your products and services which will blow them away. So if you have an idea and want to impact a wide variety of audiences, customers and clients of all genders, ages and backgrounds, the TVC is the media vehicle which will amplify your exposure of reach to the masses in a way which holds the least form of limitations. At Gary Chong Studios, we have got your needs covered from conceptualization all the way to post-production. Truly your one-stop centre.

Corporate Video

Corporate Video Production Studio

At Gary Chong Studios, we understand that you are a business which has the objective of reaching your financial milestones while impacting and leaving a legacy in your industry, the nation and the world at large.

How do you get there? Well by producing a brilliantly impactful corporate video which will not only showcase the different facets of your company, but at the same time, communicate across your unique selling points and value propositions which will attract new customers, while at the same time, strengthen your brand positioning in the market.

From testimonials with your founders and C-level management, to a dynamic showcase of your latest products and services, we at Gary Chong Studios have got you covered.

Our firm belief is that a corporate video is not just something that should be done off a checklist, it really is the bridging point between your target audience and your business!

Promotional Video Production Malaysia

Have a new product launch? Perhaps a campaign which you know will blow your customers’ socks away

Imagine devising and developing a great new product or service campaign but nobody knows about it, what a horrendous nightmare!

A promotional video will solve this by bringing it straight to the eyeballs of your target audience and beyond!

Talk about optics! Whether it is for a massive OOH(Out of Home) Billboard or just the first 5 seconds of a Youtube pre-roll ad, we at Gary Chong Studios believe that a promotional video serves just the right balance of educating, advocating and influencing audiences’ perceptions and consumer habits.

With our immense wealth of experience in this segment, get in touch with us today to see what we can do for you!

Animation / infographic

Infographic Video Production Malaysia

Remember how those Disney and Pixar films tugged at your heartstrings and opened up new worlds not imaginable in live action narratives?

Well, perhaps your budget might not allow for a full blown animated feature film but imagine for a fraction of the cost, your brand or organization will be able to tap into the medium of animation and infographics to communicate across information and messaging which will connect with the inner kid of your audience, regardless of their age group.

At Gary Chong Studios, we are confident with our technical and narrative expertise to adapt your messaging to translate it into the realm of animation/infographics. Looking for a 30 second quick animated montage? we have got you covered!

Looking for a long form 15 minute animated narrative sequence? we have got you covered!

Short Films

Remember going to the cinema and watching films which made you cry with sadness, cover your eyes in fear or laugh uncontrollably at a comedic gag on screen? You then become suddenly self aware and ask yourself,

“Wait a minute…it’s only a make-believe world, projected to you through a small screen. How and why do you feel all these emotions?”

And even with that self awareness, you watch another film, and you get absorbed into the world and feel all of those emotions time and time again.

At Gary Chong Studios, that is exactly how we comprehend and understand short films in terms of its visceral power and influence.

Let us help you translate your message to your audience with this powerful medium, with us taking the role of the intricate tailor or chef, utilizing and combining the delicately right mix of ingredients to bring a world to life, in where every ounce of detail…from characters, to location to even the accessories which they adorn alongside their wardrobe, is crafted with great attention to not just reflect your brand…but leave a long lasting impression on your audience.

Festive Films

You can’t separate Malaysia from the diverse yearly celebrations! For every race, creed or background, at Gary Chong Studios, we have not just dabbled, but excelled at creating Festive Film content of all kinds of genres.

If the prerequisite is to make your audience laugh, we are your guys!

If the prerequisite is to make them reach for a tissue and shed a tear, we are your guys too!

We also do cover a range of languages from English, to BM, various chinesedialects and even Tamil!

Whatever fit and form of festive film you might be looking for, drop us a message and let us be the creative catalyst for your next great project!

Cinematic Event Films

In a world where events bring people together, be it in a live setting or even a virtual one, an absolute staple would be your event, where you reach out to your audience in a more interactive manner.

But why stop at just running the event and having it filmed with a person pointing camera aimlessly and hitting that record button?

At Gary Chong Studios, we believe even your events can be seasoned with pepper and spice to reflect your brand’s cinematic signature style. Don’t have a particular cinematic signature style? That is where you can let us do the backend work for you and really make that immortalization of your event shine through the crowded mix.

Graphic Design

At Gary Chong Studios, we realize that as you are searching here, your interest would be leaning more towards our video production arm, but we do realize, based on experience of course, that every campaign and initiative which would require video, would most probably also have some form of graphic design element be it for the microsite, brochures, banners and a whole host of other deliverables.

So why not apply our same philosophy of outstanding design to your other deliverables through our graphic design arm?

Nothing is literally too big (Huge massive billboard towering over the city) or too small (micro brochures) for us to handle. We could go on and on but our body of work should speak for itself.

Creative Printing

Now that we have talked about design, what about the actual physical mockups and final product deliverables?

We at Gary Chong Studios are proud to stand behind one of our main Unique Selling Points as a One-stop centre. So leave your headaches and stress at the door, we got you covered.

Our studio motto is to be reliable, sharp and consistent. These are the principles we hold on to as we approach any project, and that remains the same for your big billboard project, brochures, flyers and everything in between.