Launch Livestreams

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, we live in a time where technology has allowed us to bring your content, live streamed in realtime to your audience who from the comfort of their homes, can engage with the products, services and messages you would like to deliver.

But what is technology alone without the right expertise and specialists? You are looking for a video production company or video production service which can get the job done!

That is where we at Gary Chong Studios come in. We offer a dedicated video production services solution for all your live stream needs. From arranging the setups and talents in front of the camera, to splicing content in real time and making sure everything runs smoothly behind the camera, we have got you covered. 

To reach thousands or even millions at home while having a live chat with them as if they are really just there in front of you…let us be your go to video production company and allow us to be your bridge to this sensation which is that of the virtual livestream.