Short Films

Remember going to the cinema and watching films which made you cry with sadness, cover your eyes in fear or laugh uncontrollably at a comedic gag on screen? You then become suddenly self aware and ask yourself,

“Wait a minute…it’s only a make-believe world, projected to you through a small screen. How and why do you feel all these emotions?”

And even with that self awareness, you watch another film, and you get absorbed into the world and feel all of those emotions time and time again.

At Gary Chong Studios, that is exactly how we comprehend and understand short films in terms of its visceral power and influence.

Let us help you translate your message to your audience with this powerful medium, with us taking the role of the intricate tailor or chef, utilizing and combining the delicately right mix of ingredients to bring a world to life, in where every ounce of detail…from characters, to location to even the accessories which they adorn alongside their wardrobe, is crafted with great attention to not just reflect your brand…but leave a long lasting impression on your audience.