Finance: Campaign Video

Malaysian’s will always know their exaggeration. Whether it comes to talking about the weather or discussing Malaysian food with foreigners, we set the tone to the phrase “justified exaggeration”. And it also sets the context in this sequel campaign video that we made for an eminent banking company who entrusted us as their go-to promotional video production company.

Saying goes “If you point out a commonly shared trait by people, it gets offensive but if you exaggerate the common trait, you get comedy”. Actually, we just made that up but it does sound cool, does it not? Jokes aside, this video presses the throttle on the exaggeration of a commonly shared trait, the swiping of handphones, and emits a cheeky scent of humour.

Characters and talents are often underlooked in commercials and campaign videos for their capacity to actually generate impact. At Gary Chong Studios though, our moxie tells us that every detail to every element within a frame can be manipulated to achieve a predetermined outcome. By donning characters with stand-out features, we not only allow them to pop on screen but to also constantly pop up in the minds of your target audience. This instigates brand retention amongst the audience.

Like we said, we love what we do.

Finance: Campaign Video