TV Commercial – Travel


Here at Gary Chong, we do not just speak languages from multiple countries, we can even make videos for a plethora of target demographics. A famous travel company came calling for a Thai language-based 30 seconds advertisement that promotes their discounts, benefits and their brand in general.

We answered their calls with a promotional video that combined colourful backdrops, gleeful acting by talents and immersive 2D animations. These elements came together to forge a video that is attention-grabbing, message-delivering, and straight-up entertaining. We also believe in incorporating our client’s essence into our products. That is why we went with a theme of wonder with this video, for it is the jist of traveling in itself.

As a promotional video production company that is founded on constant strides towards betterment and creating extraordinary “out of the box” content, it does not matter if you are based in Malaysia or out of it nor does not matter if you need videos that require a variety of languages. We promise to tailor our videos to maximise the impact of your message and most importantly, your satisfaction.

TV Commercial – Travel