Band: Music Video

The greatest boon and the worst bane of the human soul lies in its ability to feel. Not all of us feel good all the time, and not all of us feel sad all the time. It is a perpetual mix that changes and affects us as the pages of time flips further.

This is one of those projects that will pull strings at the depths of our hearts. Depression is a real thing, and it is one that differs from one affected person to another. Though I can’t make it go away, let me tell you what a wise man once told me.

“There are many colours in a painting that makes it a perfect picture. Life is so. You need it all, the joy, the pain, the sadness, the surprise and all other emotions for it to come together as a life worthy of being called perfect”.

And on that note, Gary Chong Studios loves you, and we all should love life! Heads up everybody!

Band: Music Video